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Provincial Emergency Program
» 1-800-663-3456

Environment Canada
» 604-666-6100

Fisheries and Oceans
» 1-800-465-4336

Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection
» 1-800-663-9453
or contact your local health authorities or fire dept


What We Do

At BCES our motto is "A vision without a task is but a dream", and our vision is to restore and revitalize Bertrand Creek as a harmonious corridor that relates optimum wildlife habitat to the legacy of a viable recreation setting.

Thus our task is to bring Bertrand Creek back to a natural clean productive stream, with a green belt and well treed stream sides with small parks, trails, bridges, view points and interpretive signs, that are in harmony with fish, wildlife and the community giving people a place to teach, relax and enjoy nature.

1. To achieve this we do the following:

  • raise awareness of Bertrand Creek
  • advertise our events and work parties
  • place our display, pamphlets and educational material in Malls and at workshops and seminars
  • celebrate Earth Day, Pitch-in-week and BC Rivers Day
  • provide educational tours, talks and work parties
  • being advocates for Bertrand Creek

2. Raise community pride and ownership in Bertrand Creek

  • partner with schools, service clubs and the general public in a variety of hands-on projects
  • provide opportunity for school groups to apply for funding for establishment of environmental clubs
  • build trails and bridges
  • planting bees
  • storm drain marking

3. Streamside Vegetation Management

  • remove invasive plant species, especially blackberries which are a low value fish/wildlife habitat
  • plant trees and shrubs ( recommended by BC Ministry of Environment) that have high habitat values

4. Protecting the stream and stream edges

  • fencing to reduce livestock and people impacts
  • cleaning up garbage in and around town

5. Instream complexing

  • adding habitat diversity to the stream. Such as.
  • marsh benches
  • side channels
  • root wads ( woody debris )
  • bank undercuts
  • boulders and gravel riffles