Emergency Numbers

Provincial Emergency Program
» 1-800-663-3456

Environment Canada
» 604-666-6100

Fisheries and Oceans
» 1-800-465-4336

Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection
» 1-800-663-9453
or contact your local health authorities or fire dept


What is a Watershed?

A watershed (or drainage basin) is an area of land that collects rainwater and drains it over land and via storm drains into nearby creeks, streams and rivers.

Many people think of watersheds in the context of mountain areas, but here in Langley our watersheds are low-lying.

When rain hits the ground and does not soak in, it will run-off.

Normally the water will run-off first into a creek or stream, then into a river, and then into an ocean. Everything that runs off your property eventually washes into salmon habitats.

The watersheds that we live in are shared, providing homes many creatures, including humans, wildlife, salmon and other aquatic species.

Anything we put onto the land can be carried by run-off and end up in our waterways. Litter, cigarette butts, oil, pesticides, and fertilizer are just a few of the things that routinely go into our waterways. Activities that occur on each individual property are directly linked to the health of our local streams- whether your yard is two metres or two kilometers from the nearest waterway.