School-based Environmental Clubs


The Bertrand Creek Enhancment Society proudly supports two environmental clubs at elementary schools in the Aldergrove area.  If your school is in the Aldergrove area and would like to learn how BCES could support you, please contact us at 604-532-3517.



Parkside’s Environmental Club 

Bertrand Creek Enhancement Society sponsors the environmental club at Parkside Centennial Elementary School in Aldergrove called E.S.I., Environmental Scientific Investigators. This is an enthusiastic group of 25 to 40 students in grades 3 to 7 that meet once a month at lunchtime. They have participated in a variety of activities to learn more about the environment and to help the environment. Examples of activities are a presentation from the Bee Lady who taught about the importance of bees, an owl presentation, making birdhouses and bird feeders, visited Mountain View Conservation Society where animals from around the world are breed with the intent of releasing them back into their natural environment. The students “adopted” a cheetah.  We have learned about global warming and made solar car models, picked up litter and planted wildflowers as well as many more activities. With the help of Bertrand Creek Enhancement Society, the students are exposed to a variety of activities with little or no cost to them.


Shortreed’s Environmental Club  

The Shortreed Eco-Tigers are an elementary school environmental club formed to raise awareness of global and local environmental issues for students primarily in Grades 3-7 and their families. We meet once a month to explore a new topic or project each time, sometimes requiring more than one lunch-hour to cover the topic at hand. Some of our projects have included water and energy conservation, wind power, salmon dissection and habitat conservation, salmon-rearing and release, owl -lady's visit and owl-pellet dissection, and endangered species study and protection. We  have at least two major field trips each school year centered around salmonid release and endangered species conservation farm visit. This year our attendance nearly doubled to about 55 students and accommodating the costs for this many little environmentalists has become an issue, so we may be including fund-raising on our future agendas! In any case we have been very fortunate to receive a yearly donation from the Bertrand Creek Enhancement Committee that has traditionally been well-used to the benefit of our students.